\ Design\ Difference Between Other Structures

• The quality of TURKISHPAN construction Materials  are under constant supervision.Our products are produced in factory conditions ;accordance with the standarts and values of measurement.
• The material is isotropic and homogeneous so it shows the expected behavior and the magrin of error is very low in static calculations.
• The building composes with smaller sections sofield of use increases.
• Construct the building  requires skilled labor so it minimizes the application  errors.
• Materials can be easily control all the time.
• If structural element damaged for any reason , can be changes easily.This process is quick,easy and low cost.
• It  allows to alternative  create with low cost for big places and desired design.Because it allows to compose wide open areas  with small sections and without columns.
• Lightweight structures can be build.It reduces main cost and  and gives an advantage aganist seismic loads.
• Houses can be build under all weather conditions and very quickly.And it provides to low cost of labor and the ability quick respond to demands.
• TURKISHPAN BUILDING can be tranport later easily.
• TURKISHPAN STRUCTURAL ELEMENTS can work with full load capasity after completion of installation.

• The quality of concrete may decrease to dangerous levels due to application errors.
• Reinforced concrete structuresare not homogenous and istotropic as TURKISHPAN STRUCTURAL ELEMENTS ; magrin of error is more bigger due to the static calculations assumptions.This error is taken into account during the process of project.And this increases the cost.
• Even minimum conditions requires large sections ;it cause the important losses in field of use.
• Construct  reinforced concrete buildin do not need to skilled labor so it may cause application errors.
• After concrete is poured ,inspection of  reinforced steel is very expensive and cumbersome.
• If structural element of concrete building damaged for any reason , makes it reinforce is difficult and so expensive.And this situation causes architectural problems.
• For constructe large areas requires big sections and causes high cost.
• The alternatives of create big places and desired design is limited.
• Main cost is high because of large weights.
• For same reason ; it has got desadvantages aganist seismic load beacuse of base-ground interaction.
• The process of construction is long and does not allow to work at  all weather conditions.So it gives solutions as long construction term and high cost.
• Reinforced structures supplementation is difficult.
• Concrete buildings waste too much material.